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Recent additions to the photo gallery
SRC 002 06 Porsche 907 K - No.27 Rui Guedes. DNF, round 3, Spanish Sportscar Championship 1971, Vila Real, Portugal SRC 002 01 Porsche 907 K - No.276 German B.G. Racing Team: 6th place, Targa Florio 1969. Gerhard Koch / Hans-Dieter Dechant
Scalextric C3942 Mercedes-AMG GT3 - #88 Team ABBA with Rollcentre Racing: British GT Championship 2017. Richard Neary / Martin Short Ninco 50445 Porsche 997 GT3 - #39 Forum Gelb. Tolimit Motorsport: Porsche Supercup 2005. Christian Menzel
Scalextric C3922 - 1970 Chevrolet Camaro #11. Laurel Racing: Trans-Am 1971/72, Larry Brock / Hiroshi Fushida. Historic Trans-Am (as at 2018) Stephen Sorenson Scalextric C2202 Porsche 911 GT1 - #11 Fujifilm / 100+ Team Dynamics: 3rd place, Privilege Insurance GT Championship 1998, round 5. David Leslie / Matt Neal
I've been collecting and racing slot cars since 1968 when, as a young boy, I was given some tatty second-hand Scalextric track and four cars; a Ferrari 156, a Lotus 16 and two Formula Juniors. The Formula Juniors didn't work, the Lotus and Ferrari barely moved, but I was hooked. Over the next few years I'd save my pocket and paper-round money until I had enough for a trip to my local model shop, where I'd look excitedly at the small selection of Scalextric cars for sale. In those days the choice was tiny, rarely more than ten cars, and my collection remained small and exclusively devoted to the Scalextric brand. How things have changed.

In 1996 I bought a yellow Ninco Ferrari F50, which opened the floodgates. For a start, it performed a lot better than any Scalextric car I owned had ever done and, as the purity of my previously Scalextric-only collection was now ruined, there was nothing preventing me from buying cars from other manufacturers. When I discovered Fly and its incredible range of beautifully detailed classic Ferraris, Porsches and Chevrons, the damage was well and truly done, my collection started its expansion and now stands just about the right side of manageable, if you can call a collection of 1000+ cars manageable. Or sane...

These days we've a huge choice of cars from a variety of manufacturers, but in many towns we've lost our toy and model shops, replaced instead by online retailers and eBay; very convenient, usually cheaper, but impersonal and risky, with no opportunity to examine our prospective purchases. In most cases we're provided with little more than one small grainy photograph on which to base our buying decision, eBay in particular being a minefield of terrible photography, wildly optimistic descriptions and unscrupulous sellers.

As my collection grew I started to photograph it, for reference mainly, but also so that I didn't make the mistake of buying a car that I already owned. From there it was a short step to creating this website and sharing my photographs for all to enjoy, maybe helping you with a purchasing decision.

This site is a work in progress, with new photos being added as and when I find time to take them, either of the newest slot car releases or better photographs of my existing collection of cars. The photos vary in quality, but all are the best I have until I make the effort to re-shoot them and, since life and other interests tend to take precedence, progress remains glacially slow.

Every car shown here is from my own collection. Some are battered and bruised after a lifetime of use and may no longer be entirely original. Please bear this in mind if using this site for reference.
Scalextric C2965 - Aston Martin DBR9 - Le Mans 24hrs 2008
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